Athletes in Action - Julia Fulford-Kirby 

Athletes in Action
Sydney Art Gallery, March – November 2000

“A ceramic sculptural exhibition celebrating the Olympic spirit.”

Plaster moulds were taken from twenty of Australia’s finest athlete bodies. From these moulds, ceramic pieces were created resulting in true life replicas of these athletes bodies – representing the movement, position, and muscle definition of the particular sport.

With all the pieces coming together as a celebration of the years of dedication and perserverance these athletes put into their chosen sport.

Some athletes involved with the project include Daniel Kowalski, Nick A’Hern, Phil Rogers, and Karl Vandakype.

The process of making the pieces, from plastering an athlete to the finished sculptures and exhibition, was documented on the following TV shows: “Games” show on Channel 7, “The Olympic Show” on Channel 7, and “6PM News” on Channel 10.

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